HyTime, the Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language, is a markup language that is an "application" of SGML. HyTime defines a set of hypertext-oriented element types that, in effect, supplement SGML and allow SGML document authors to build hypertext and multimedia presentations in a standardized way.

HyTime is an international standard published by the ISO and IEC. The first edition was published in 1992, and the second edition was published in 1997.

Some of the concepts formalized in HyTime were later incorporated into HTML and XML.

  • HTML is an application of SGML for hypertext document presentations, that assigns specific semantics and processing expectations to a fixed set of element types.
  • XML defines a simplified subset of SGML that focuses on providing an open vocabulary of element types for data modeling and establishes precise expectations for how the marked-up data is read and subsequently fed to another software application for further processing, but does not assign semantics to the element types or establish expectations for how the data is processed.

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