Since 2000 the Hungarian Unix Portal - founded by Gabor Micsko aka. trey - is the largest Hungarian UNIX/Linux/BSD system administrators' webpage. On this page you can read news, get help in the forum, discuss the news, etc.

HUP's aim is to join with the Hungarian free software community. Members of HUP can discuss and resolve problems about *NIX systems. The main language of HUP is Hungarian, but we can also respond in English to your problems.

HUP hosts the HupWiki, which is the most important Wikipedia about free software and *NIX systems in Hungary. HupWiki consists of over 1000 articles and documentations.

HUP (also known as: has been associated with the Free Software Network (aka foundation. FSN's goal is to distribute free software, to help people and organizations using them and to provide infrastructural background and other services. The best known service of our project is the file server called, which is Hungary's largest (by traffic), independent free software distribution point. Its biggest daily traffic was 875 GB so far. The services of the machine can be used by anyone 24 hours a day.

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