Gratis versus Libre is the distinction between 'zero price' (gratis) and 'freedom' (libre). Gratis appears in many English dictionaries, including the Oxford English Dictionary. However, libre usually does not at present, and no English adjective signifies freedom only. This distinction is often important in dealing with laws concerning the use of information, such as copyright and patents. The terms are often used in the free software and open source communities, as well as the broader free culture movement, to categorize computer programs according to the licenses and legal restrictions that cover them. Both this expression and the term gratis are used to distinguish freeware (gratis software) from free software.

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Gratis is the plural ablative form of the first declension noun "grātia" in Latin and used as an adjective in various Romance and Germanic languages (such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish) meaning "for free," in the sense that one does not have to pay for some good or service (free of charge), even though the good or service has value.

This is sometimes expressed in the phrase, "free as in free beer", as distinct from "free as in free speech".

See also gift.

Libre Edit

Template:Redirect6 Template:Wiktionary Libre is a word in various Romance languages, such as Spanish and French (descended from the Latin word līber), that denotes the state of being free, as in "having freedom". Members of the free software community often talk about free as in free speech (libre) and free as in free beer (gratis, gratuit), as the word free in English does not distinguish between these meanings. "Free software" means the former.

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