Template:Infobox Website Freshmeat is a website that allows computer users to keep track of the latest software releases and updates as well as write/read reviews and articles, send or receive comments to or from the author, and many other features. Although a majority of the software covered is open source for Unix-like systems, Freshmeat covers releases for software on a variety of operating systems, including closed-source and commercial software.

Freshmeat is part of the Open Source Technology Group (OSTG), which is owned by VA Software.

Submissions Edit

Programmers register their projects and inform the site about updates; users browse for software and download and (sometimes) rate or comment on the software. Software is categorized by field of application, license, development status, environment, intended audience, type of use, supported operating systems, and used programming and available natural languages. There is an NNTP server for usenet-like access and complex search queries can be saved, and new or updated entries that match the query can be sent as daily e-mail notifications.

Features Edit

Furthermore, Freshmeat offers a news ticker stream, articles on Unix software-related topics and an IRC channel.

Freshmeat's entire database of software releases is freely available as a download, for such purposes as having a local database copy.

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