FlixFlux is a specialist torrent search site for films[1]. The site was originally launched in mid 2006 with a basic search facility, and a list of new film releases. The site was relaunched in December 2006 with a complete redesign, and many new features.

File:Ff search results.png

The site is a Metasearch Engine, and does not host any torrents itself. The search feature is unique in that it not only provides details of available torrents, but also provides information about the film being searched for, such as genre, rating and plot information.

The name comes from a combination of two words: flicks, and flux. Flicks is a slang word for films, and flux means flow, which is also a meaning the word torrent has.

As of March 1, 2007, according to Alexa Internet the site is the 404,393 most popular on the web[2].

In June 2007 two new features were added: The ability to mark torrents as not relevant to a search, which greatly improved the search results. The other new feature was embedded movie trailers, making it possible to watch a trailer before downloading the actual torrents[3].

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