Template:Distinguish Template:Infobox Software FlashGet (formerly JetCar, from the literal translation of the Chinese phrase Template:Lang) is a freeware download manager for Microsoft Windows. It was originally available in either paid or advert-supported versions, the latter of which included an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object (BHO)


The latest version has a "FlashGet recommends" column which some find irritating, however there is an option for it to be turned off. (View\Recommendation)

FlashGet is a Downloader that claims to be the faster than other downloaders. But it also installs adware with it.

Privacy concernsEdit

Template:Cleanup-section FlashGet has become a freeware, although it has not always been. Version 1.9.6 of the software still comes with advertisement in the form of "FlashGet recommends", but it can be turned off in the options.

Cause for more concern, if confirmed, is free version FlashGet's support of adware. Version 2 of this popular download manager has a redesigned UI with new features. However, starting from the Beta 5 Preview, animated banner ads and some adware (e.g. you are the 1 millionth winner) are included. It is still unclear whether these adware-supporting changes will be implemented in the English version as well.

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