Fórum Internacional Software Livre (FISL) (International Free Software Forum) is an event sponsored by Associação Software Livre (Free Software Association), a Brazilian NGO that, among other objectives, seeks the promotion and adoption of free software. It takes place every year in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande Do Sul, the most southern state of Brazil.

The event is meant as a "get-together" of hackers, students, researchers, social movements for freedom of information, entrepreneurs, Information Technology (IT) enterprises, governments, and other interested people.

Event history Edit

On 30 July 1999, a group of hackers, public servants, professors, students and members of the academic community, members of user groups and other interested people, joined efforts to start the PSL-RS (Free Software Project of Rio Grande do Sul).

The project's goals were:

  • To set up a network of labs in companies and universities designated to the study of Linux and other free software;
  • To build a consortium to publish books and manuals about Free Software, Free Programming languages and such;
  • To massively promote free software.

After lots of difficulties, and delays, the first FISL happened from 04-05 May/2000 in the Noble Hall of UFRGS (Rio Grande do Sul' Federal University). 2,120 people attended the event, which had also the first WSL (Free Software Workshop) with 19 works presented during the event.

Among others, the first FISL had the presence of Richard Stallman, writer of the "GNU Manifesto" and Founder of the Free Software Foundation.

As the event grew, more (knowledgeable) people started to hear about FISL.

And as a result of the word-spreading, more people came to Porto Alegre to attend the Forum.

Speakers Edit

Among others, founders and important members of great Free Software projects had spoken in 2002 FISL:

The seventh Fórum Internacional Software Livre happened from the 19th to the 22nd of April. More than 5000 attendees registered attending.

The speakers included:

The 2nd international GPLv3 conference was held in conjunction with FISL on April 21st and 22nd.

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