Template:Infobox Online music service Dogmazic in one of the main free music download manager in France. Dogmazic has been created in december 2004 by the Association Musique libre!, based in Bordeaux, which is the main actor of the free music movement in France.

In three years of existence, the web site gathers already the works of 2000 artists mainly from France but also from other countries. All the music of Dogmazic is in free difusion licences such as Creative Commons licence or Free Art Licence.

For some ethical reasons, Dogmazic is free from any advertising, unlike Jamendo, its main competitor in France.

Introduction to the "Musique Libre!" associationEdit

The association "Musique Libre!" was created in Bordeaux at the end of December 2004. This was followed by the opening of a Lyon branch in 2006. The goal of "Musique Libre" is to promote and distribute the work of independent artists within the framework of the Free Art licence.

This association lobbies on behalf of non-trading companies, artists, the recording industry for the . It also aims to inform both artists and the public about Free Art licences and the new methods of distribtion made possible by the Internet.

External linksEdit

Dogmazic website (english version)

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