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Development is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of developmental biology, encompassing studies at the molecular, cellular, tissue and organism levels of both animals and plants. Topics covered include stem cells and nuclear reprogramming, regional specification, morphogenesis, organogenesis, evolution of the developmental process, and developmental studies of disease. The journal is published by the Company of Biologists from editorial offices in Cambridge, UK, with 24 annual issues.

Founded in 1953, the journal was entitled Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology (JEEM; Template:ISSN) until 1987.[1]

The journal's 2006 impact factor was 7.66.[2] Issues since 1987 are available online via the journal website as PDFs, with a text version additionally available from 2001. Content over 6 months old is freely available.

As of 2008, its Editor-in-Chief is Jim Smith (University of Cambridge, UK).



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