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The Creative Archive Licence is a copyright licence developed by the Creative Archive Licence Group, initially a collaboration of the British Broadcasting Corporation, British Film Institute, the Open University, Channel 4 and Teachers' TV. It has been used notably by the BBC to re-release part of its news archives for creative use by the public. While artists and teachers are encouraged to use the content to create works of their own, the terms of the licence are restrictive compared to other copyleft licences. Use of Creative Archive content for commercial, "endorsement, campaigning, defamatory or derogatory purposes" [1] is forbidden, any derivative works must be released under the same license, and content may only be used within the UK.

Works released by the BBC under the license were a part of a trial service that has now been withdrawn for review by the BBC Trust under the Public Value testing process. The service ran from late 2005 to late 2006.[2]

Plans are underway (mid 2008) to allow the download of the entire historical output of BBC TV and radio programmes via the BBC Archive.

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