The Code Project Open License (CPOL) [1] is a free software license published by The Code Project, a community site for software developers. It is intended to provide developers who choose to share their code with a license that protects them and provides users of their code with a clear statement regarding how the code can be used. At present, the license is mainly applied to content that is being published on the site. Its main points subject to the terms of the license are (quoted from The Code Project):

  • Source Code and Executable Files can be used in commercial applications;
  • Source Code and Executable Files can be redistributed; and
  • Source Code can be modified to create derivative works.
  • No claim of suitability, guarantee, or any warranty whatsoever is provided. The software is provided "as-is".

The license itself grants copyright and patent protection to the developer, but - unlike open source software licenses such as the LGPL - does not impose further obligations to people who use the content in their work. A comparison of the CPOL to other Open Source Licenses can be found at The Code Project.

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