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Clinical Science is a peer-reviewed academic journal that covers medical research, with a focus on applying molecular disease mechanisms in clinical practice. The journal is currently published monthly by Portland Press Ltd on behalf of the Biochemical Society from editorial offices in London, UK and La Jolla, USA.


The journal was founded in 1908 by Thomas Lewis and James Mackenzie and first published in 1909 under the title Heart: A Journal for the Study of the Circulation.[1][2] Lewis was the first editor.[3] In 1933, Lewis renamed the journal Clinical Science (ISSN 0009-9287; 1933–73), his interests having broadened.[1] It was briefly retitled Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine (ISSN 0301-0538; 1973–8), becoming Clinical Science again in 1979.[4][5][6]

The journal was published by the Medical Research Society (founded by Lewis in 1930)[1] from 1945 until 1961, and then jointly by the Medical Research Society and the Biochemical Society until 2003, when the latter became the sole publisher.[7][8] It was formerly published by Blackwell Science.[4]

Modern journalEdit

Clinical Science is published monthly in print, in two volumes; from 2007, it will appear in 24 online issues annually. Content from 1998 is available online in PDF and HTML formats, with papers from 2005 also being available in an enhanced full-text format. Papers are currently available free 12 months after print publication.

Its 2006 impact factor was 3.263, and the journal was ranked 17 of 76 journals in the ISI Medicine (Research & Experimental) category.[9] Clinical Science is indexed by BIOBASE, BIOSIS, CAB International, Chemical Abstracts Service, Current Contents, EMBASE, Medline/Index Medicus and Science Citation Index.

As of 2008, its Editor-in-Chief is R. Clinton Webb (Medical College of Georgia, USA).



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