This category is for Free software licenses, which is to say, licenses which can be used for the distribution of free software. The goal of such licenses is to free the recipient from any legal barriers which would inhibit their freedom to run, study, modify, or redistribute the software - both modified and unmodified. Template:Portal

See also Category:Open sourceتصنيف:رخص برمجيات حرة ca:Categoria:Llicències lliures es:Categoría:Licencias de software libre id:Kategori:Lisensi perangkat lunak bebas ru:Категория:Свободные лицензии sk:Kategória:Licencie slobodného softvéru sv:Kategori:Fria programvarulicenser zh:Category:自由軟體授權 nl:Categorie:Vrije softwarelicentie

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