The BMC-series of journals are a collection of 61 online research journals published by BioMed Central. Like all BioMed Central journals, they have a policy of Open access to the research articles they publish. Between them, they cover all major subject areas within biology and medicine. Two of the journals (BMC Biology and BMC Medicine) have a broad scope, and aim to publish particularly significant research, while the other 59 specialize on a particular subject area.

List of subject-specific BMC-series titles:

  • BMC Anesthesiology
  • BMC Biochemistry
  • BMC Bioinformatics
  • BMC Biology
  • BMC Biotechnology
  • BMC Blood Disorders
  • BMC Cancer
  • BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
  • BMC Cell Biology
  • BMC Chemical Biology
  • BMC Clinical Pathology
  • BMC Clinical Pharmacology
  • BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • BMC Dermatology
  • BMC Developmental Biology
  • BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders
  • BMC Ecology
  • BMC Emergency Medicine
  • BMC Endocrine Disorders
  • BMC Evolutionary Biology
  • BMC Family Practice
  • BMC Gastroenterology
  • BMC Genetics
  • BMC Genomics
  • BMC Geriatrics
  • BMC Health Services Research
  • BMC Immunology
  • BMC Infectious Diseases
  • BMC International Health and Human Rights
  • BMC Medical Education
  • BMC Medical Ethics
  • BMC Medical Genetics
  • BMC Medical Imaging
  • BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
  • BMC Medical Research Methodology
  • BMC Medicine
  • BMC Microbiology
  • BMC Molecular Biology
  • BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • BMC Nephrology
  • BMC Neurology
  • BMC Neuroscience
  • BMC Nuclear Medicine
  • BMC Nursing
  • BMC Ophthalmology
  • BMC Oral Health
  • BMC Palliative Care
  • BMC Pediatrics
  • BMC Pharmacology
  • BMC Physiology
  • BMC Plant Biology
  • BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • BMC Psychiatry
  • BMC Public Health
  • BMC Pulmonary Medicine
  • BMC Structural Biology
  • BMC Surgery
  • BMC Systems Biology
  • BMC Urology
  • BMC Veterinary Research
  • BMC Women's Health

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