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Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy is a peer-reviewed academic journal published bimonthly by International Medical Press, London, UK (a subsidiary of MediTech Media). Founded in January 1990, the journal was published by Blackwell Science until 1997.[1] The Editor-in-Chief is Hugh J. Field (University of Cambridge, UK).

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy publishes primary papers and reviews on all aspects of the preclinical development of antiviral agents, including their chemical synthesis, biochemistry, pharmacology, mode of action and virology, as well as studies in animal models.

The journal is an official publication of the International Society for Antiviral Research, and is indexed in Index Medicus, Medline, Research Alert, Chemical Abstracts and EMBASE.

Content from 1998 to the present is available online in PDF format, via the journal website. Content over a year old is freely accessible, and all articles are available free to those living in developing countries.

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