Template:Infobox Software AllPeers was a free software extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser introduced in 2006.

On March 2, 2008, AllPeers announced the end of the service.

The extension allowed building a social network and sharing files on a P2P basis. It used a darknet style of peer-to-peer communication; files and information shared between users are only accessible as long as the users have each other on their respective access lists - their 'trusted private network'. AllPeers beta version was launched on August 24, 2006. It worked on Windows, Linux and Mac, which, once downloaded, becomes a toolbar in Mozilla Firefox.

AllPeers used open source BitTorrent technology to facilitate file transfer.[1] The extension did not require any ports be opened. AllPeers encrypted its communication using standard protocols like SSL so as to protect the user against 3rd party intervention listening in.[2] At its beta launch AllPeers comprised 200,000 lines of C++ and JavaScript code.[1]

Although the AllPeers client was open sourced in March 2007,[3] the server source remains closed. AllPeers claimed this was because the network must have a single, stable server instance to function reliably.[4]

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