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AIDS is a peer-reviewed academic journal, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins in London, UK. Founded in 1987, it is the official journal of the International AIDS Society.[1] It covers all aspects of HIV/AIDS, including basic science, clinical trials, epidemiology and social science. The Editor-in-Chief is Jay A. Levy and the Editors are Brigitte Autran, Roel A. Coutinho and John P. Phair.

Eighteen issues are published annually. AIDS was the first journal in the field to operate a fast-track service to facilitate rapid publication of important short papers. Articles over a year old are available freely online in PDF and HTML formats.

The journal had a 2006 impact factor of 5.632, making it the most highly cited journal in the HIV/AIDS area; it was ranked second of 23 journals in the virology category and third of 47 journals in the infectious diseases category.[2] Indexing includes Chemical Abstracts Service, EMBASE, Index Medicus, Medline and Science Citation Index.

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