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'Neath Brooklyn Bridge is the tenth film in the East Side Kids series, released in 1942 by Monogram Pictures. This is one of the more dramatic East Side Kids movies, released at a time when they were making lighter, more humorous fare.

Plot Edit

When the East Side Kids rescue Sylvia from the clutches of her abusive stepfather Morley, who is knocked out cold by Mugs with the broken leg from a chair, they have no idea of the danger in which they are getting themsevles into.

The Kids take Sylvia to their clubhouse to hide out and Morley is killed by racketeer McGaffey for stealing his money. When McGaffey spots the broken leg, he takes it with him and uses the 'incriminating evidence' to extort the East Side Kids into working for him.

Danny, as a favor to Sylvia, runs back to her apartment to gather some of her clothes, however, he is caught by a police officer who arrests him under the suspicion of murder.

McGaffey forces Mugs to break into a silk warehouse in exchange for the chair leg, which he used to knock Morley out cold while helping Sylvia, which has his fingerprints on it and could point the police in his direction for the murder.

The East Side Kids Edit

Cast and Characters Edit

Crew Edit

Director: Wallace Fox
Assistant Director: Arthur Hammond
Produced by: Sam Katzman and Jack Dietz
Written by: Harvey Gates
Cinematography by: Mack Stengler
Music by: Edward Kay
Art Director: Dave Milton
Sound Engineer: Glen Glenn

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